Julian Assange –  old name in underground, has become famous after release of US Diplomatic cables back in 2010. Recently, in my searches, I have found an book published in 1997 by Reed Books Australia, where Julian Assange has done “the research work”.

Book  named “Underground: tales of hacking, madness & obsession on the electronic frontier” was written by Suelette Dreyfus (an American-Australian journalist specialized in technology) with help from Julian Assange, over an period of three years. It describes activity from 1980 to 1990 of an American, British and Australian hacking group – “International Subversives”, among them counting, of course, Julian Assange, code name Mendax.

Assange notoriety makes very difficult to find old information regarding to his person. An Google search with string “Julian Assange” returns 27,900,000 results at time of writing. An Google search with string “Underground: tales of hacking, madness & obsession on the electronic frontier” returns at time of writing, 33400  results none of them referring to Assange present activity as founder of  WikiLeaks. If you want to find more information from dark past of Julian Assange, this book is an good occasion. It is very hard to find, but if you perform an Google search with string <<„ISBN 1 86330 595 5” filetype:pdf >>.  there will be 10 results (at time of writing), first of them is book that you are searching. Good luck.

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